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Vault Key

Vault Key

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This is the Vault-Key. Like all of my tools, this one also solves a very common problem we all have experienced  


I designed this tool to provide a brand new and very secure method of opening underground vaults and pedestal lids. 


The Vault-Key is laser cut out of 3/8" steel plate and powdercoated Hi-Viz orange. 


This new tool gives us the ability to attach shackles, hooks, and slings to these heavy concrete lids, allowing us to utilize team lifting techniques, our rigging, and equipment to assist in this strenuous task. No more fishing through make shift tie wires or pulling on a pair of pliers while we are bent over. 


I have found that while using the Vault-Key in field testing that we are also more likely to move the lids further away from our open vaults than we always have because we no longer need to fret over having to tote the lid back into place by hand. By doing so, we removed a certain tripping hazard, especially during nighttime operation, when the concrete lid blended in with its surroundings. 


The Vault-Key is small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to hook a digger truck to. Proudly made in the USA. 


These are about 3 weeks out from shipping.  (5/19/2023)

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