National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship

Outside Lineman Training

IBEW members jointly trained by the IBEW and NECA can be seen constructing transmission lines that bring power from far away generating plants to local service areas.

Apprentices learn to employ safe practices while working under the supervision of a Journey-Level WorkerLineman.

Outside Linemen do not always have the comfort of performing their work from a bucket truck. Linemen must develop climbing skills, as much of their work is atop wooden poles. Linemen often find themselves working in bad weather and storms in order to maintain electrical power for homes, hospitals, factories, and schools.


Job Description

Outside Linemen ensure that electrical power is properly distributed from power plant generation facilities to end-users. They are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all types of power transmission and distribution systems for industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

The duties of an outside lineman are described below. The number next to each duty is the average of the percentage of journey-level workers reporting that they perform that task.