Our Foundation

The Linelife Foundation was created to fill a void in the support of the great trade of Powerline work. We noticed something was often missing when tragedy or disaster struck. Something only a Brother or Sister of the trade can understand and provide; emotional support and hands-on assistance. Originally, we rallied the wives, moms, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends and gave them an avenue to volunteer so that the men would not have to worry. These volunteers contribute a nurturing, emotional support that is best provided by the strong women behind this trade. We named this group of volunteers the Linelife Hearts and Hands and it is now a division of the 501(c)(3)  Linelife Foundation.  After an accident, a Linelife Foundation Director will post a call to action for volunteers in Linelife Hearts and Hands. We do not discuss details, name(s), company, or any confidential information pertaining to an accident outside of the Linelife Foundation Board of Directors. The LLF Director and local volunteers then work together, privately, to coordinate hospital visits, deliver care packages, offer hands-on aid to the family (such as helping with children, doing laundry, preparing meals) or whatever the need may be. We also have the capabilities of doing direct fundraisers for families so that a cut is not given to GoFundMe and the families get 100%. We hope these efforts may give workers peace of mind, while on the job, that their family will be supported and never be alone. In the Linelife Foundation we will also coordinate volunteers and organize fundraisers for use during major storms. As other pages we were part of did during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we will assist workers with necessities and supplies during storm restoration. We have a lot of experience coordinating these efforts. We will utilize local volunteers to help provide meals, care packages, and laundry service, etc. for workers who aren’t otherwise provided for. For example, chest waders and boot dryers were used in Florida after Hurricane Irma and mosquito protection in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Those items were all provided thru donations and volunteer efforts with some coordination from our Board. In the Linelife Foundation private facebook group, we want communities to be able to come together in times of crisis. We help pick up the pieces. We are the Lifeline for the Linelife. please visit www.LineLifeFoundation.com for more information