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Classification Responsibilities:  A Lineman performs highly skilled, journey-level transmission, distribution, and electrical work in the installation, construction, maintenance, and repair of underground and overhead electric transmission, distribution and service lines, transformers, meters, metering equipment, electrical substations, and related equipment.  Other duties include climbing wood poles, ladders, and towers.  This class is responsible for performing related duties as required. 
Distinguishing Features:  Work involves moderate physical exertion, heavy lifting, and exposure to inclement weather, as well as the hazardous conditions of working with high-voltage energized lines and equipment.  The Lineman class differs from the Line Foreman class by the latter having supervisory responsibility for crews of linemen, equipment, materials, and recordkeeping duties.  This class usually works under the supervision of a Line Foreman, who reviews work through on-site inspection and the evaluation of completed work projects.  Employees are subject to stand-by, pre-arranged, and call-out duty.  This class is FLSA nonexempt. 
Employee Values:  All employees of the City of Mesa are expected to uphold and exhibit the City’s shared employee values of Knowledge, Respect, and Integrity. 
Minimum Qualifications Required.  Graduation from high school or GED.  Completion of an apprenticeship program in the lineman trade.  Some (6 months - 1 year) experience as a journey-level lineman engaged in the installation, maintenance, and repair of power lines, transformers, or related equipment.   
Special Requirements.  Must possess a valid Arizona Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) by hire or promotion date.  Must reside within the City of Mesa Electric Utility call-out area (example:  within an 18-mile radius of the Main Street and Center Street intersection) within one year after hire date.  Must have a valid First Aid card with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification or be able to obtain one by hire date. 
Substance Abuse Testing.  This class is subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) drug and alcohol testing as outlined in 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 382.   
Preferred/Desirable Qualifications.  None. 
Communication:  Communicates with customers in solving power problems and satisfying electric utility needs.  Conducts safety and other electric utility-related training.  Completes reports and forms related to assigned projects.  Maintains time reporting records of the crew.  Manual/Physical:  Inspects work to determine and ensure compliance with prescribed operating and safety standards.  Uses the safety procedures and equipment associated with electrical hazards. Establishes and maintains electric line clearances with other utilities.  Installs the following:  highvoltage connectors; transformers and switches in manholes and vaults; securing equipment and cables; and various service lines, power poles, meters, and metering devices.  Operates boom trucks, bucket trucks, etc., requiring a valid Arizona Class A CDL to operate heavy equipment.  Operates power-driven machinery such as hydraulic compression pumps, chain saws, jackhammers, etc.  Operates switches and related equipment.  Uses common hand tools to construct and maintain overhead and underground power lines.  Installs personal protective grounds.  Removes broken or defective conductors.  Assists in constructing and wiring electrical high-voltage substations.  Installs and terminates underground highvoltage cable between manholes and vaults.  Works from elevated heights greater than ten feet (example:  in bucket or platform truck) to install equipment or connectors.  Climbs wood poles, ladders, and towers on a daily basis and/or continuous basis as required or determined by supervisor.  Trims trees from around energized electrical power lines.  Distinguishes colors to identify circuits and color-coded electrical connectors.  Detects natural gas leaks when working on underground cable.  Moves objects (switches, connectors, etc.) weighing up to 100 pounds, using a cart or other aid to assist with the lifting.  Sets up traffic barricades and cones when working near moving traffic.  Cleans work area and equipment.  Works in a variety of weather conditions; in small, cramped spaces; and on and near high-voltage energized lines and equipment.  Uses a personal computer (PC) and laptop PC for reports, basic Geographic Information System (GIS) access to maps and data, email, routine office applications for personnel reviews, and other purposes.  Meets scheduling and attendance requirements. 
Mental:  Reads and interprets construction plans and schematics related to the installation of electrical power distribution lines.  Prioritizes own work assignments.  Comprehends and makes inferences from written material.  Analyzes voltage recordings, charts, and electric trouble reports to make recommendations on replacing or upgrading transformers, services, or related equipment.  Determines the equipment, tools, materials, and manpower needed to complete assigned projects.  Learns job-related material through on-the-job training and in classroom settings.  Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: 
Knowledge of: 
the methods, materials, and equipment used in the lineman trade; electrical theory and practices; Arizona Blue Stake Law; and must understand and be thoroughly knowledgeable of all Safety Rules of the trade including American Public Power Association (APPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.269, and applicable Arizona State Safety Rules. 
Skills in:  pole top, bucket, and vault rescue; the use of the tools and equipment commonly used in the lineman trade; and PC operations, and basic GIS and office applications software. 
Ability to:  use the safety procedures and equipment associated with working on high-voltage electrical lines and equipment; assume the duties of the Line Foreman as required; perform the physical requirements of the position; understand and follow verbal and written instructions; and establish and maintain effective working relationships with management, coworkers, other City employees, and the general public.  The duties listed above are intended only as general illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.  Specific statements of duties not included do not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.  Job descriptions are subject to change by the City as the needs of the City and requirements of the job change.   
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 Austin Energy 

Distribution Electrician Troubleshooter - 100223



EEO Category:

(70) Skill Craft

Class Code:


Salary Grade:



Last Revised:

June 20, 2023




Under minimal supervision and with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment, responds to system disturbances and power quality issues on Austin Energy's overhead and underground distribution system.

Duties, Functions and Responsibilities:


Essential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned.

1.     Investigates electrical disturbances and power quality issues, performs emergency electrical system isolation, and restores and/or repairs the overhead and underground electrical distribution system.

2.     Responds to on-call, emergency call back, system disturbances, and power quality issues.

3.     Acts as a first responder and leads incident and/or system disturbance investigations for electrical hazards on the electrical distribution system and may provide a statement or testimony as electrical Subject Matter Expert (SME) for work performed to AE leadership, AE Safety, Austin Police Department (APD), Austin Fire Department (AFD), and the City of Austin Law Department.

4.     Makes scenes safe, where electrical hazards are present, to include de-energizing hazardous electrical lines and equipment, barricading, and communicating safety issues to APD, AFD, EMS, the public, site personnel, and other City of Austin departments.

5.     Identifies, documents, and reports compliance issues in accordance with applicable codes, ordinances, and standards; communicates safety issues; and issues electrical hazard forms to notify contractor/person of identified compliance issues.

6.     Communicates with System Operations personnel, AE leadership, customers, and the public to detail events and actions taken to investigate and address system and/or power quality disturbances on the electrical distribution system.

7.     Creates, submits, and/or executes electrical clearance orders, in coordination with AE System Operations, to de-energize, isolate, and/or restore electrical circuits on the electrical distribution system.

8.     Performs on the job training and field performance evaluations of Distribution Electrician Apprentice/Trainees and Distribution Electrician III's for additional job functions required of a DE Troubleshooter.

9.     Conducts detailed pre-work/tailgate meetings to ensure all employees on a jobsite have the information, work skills, and tools to complete their work safely.

Responsibilities - Supervisor and/or Leadership Exercised:


  • May provide leadership, work assignments, evaluation, training, and guidance to others.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Must possess required knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.

  • Knowledge and skill in electric utility regulations, practices, procedures, and/or requirements outlined in the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, NFPA 70® National Electrical Code® (NEC®), and applicable local codes and ordinances.
  • Knowledge of AE safety rules, regulations, work practices, task restrictions, standards, and procedures associated with the electrical distribution system, electric system restoration, and high voltages.
  • Knowledge of advanced electrical theory and principles related to electricity, magnetism, circuits, and electrical equipment.
  • Knowledge of installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical equipment, apparatus, and instruments.
  • Knowledge of the equipment and methods used in construction and maintenance of high voltage electric distribution systems.
  • Skill in handling conflict and uncertain situations.
  • Skill in handling and prioritizing multiple tasks.
  • Skill in operating computers and related software applications.
  • Skill in setting up and operating electric utility aerial equipment.
  • Skill in preparing, completing, and maintaining clear and concise written and electronic records/reports.
  • Skill in estimating time, material, and labor for assigned jobs or tasks.
  • Skill in performing various connections, configurations, procedures, and phasing of circuits to transformers, breakers, and disconnects.
  • Skill in advanced troubleshooting of electrical systems using various electronic test equipment (i.e. Multi-Range Voltage Detector [MRVD], phasing sticks, rotation meters, Digital Multi-Meters [DMM], and clamp-on amp meters).
  • Skill in working on and around energized lines and equipment.
  • Skill in effective oral, written, and electronic communications.
  • Skill in organizing, inspecting, and safely using hand and powered tools, equipment, and materials to perform installation, maintenance, and repair of the electrical distribution system.
  • Skill in operating switching devices and equipment.
  • Skill in using, inspecting, maintaining, and safely storing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Personal Protective Devices (PPD).
  • Ability to climb poles and structures, following AE guidelines for personal fall arrest systems.
  • Ability to climb ladders, work in enclosed spaces, and serve as the enclosed space attendant.
  • Ability to read and understand oral, written, and electronic instructions, technical manuals, specifications, blueprints, sketches, diagrams, maps, and drawings.
  • Ability to meet and maintain driver eligibility standards in the City of Austin Driver Safety Program.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective communication and professional working relationships with city employees, customers, and the public.
  • Ability to properly interpret and follow manufacturers load charts when operating cranes, boom trucks, digger derricks, and bucket trucks.
  • Ability to perform strenuous work outdoors in all types of temperature extremes and weather conditions.
  • Ability to work with frequent interruptions, changes in priorities, and rotating shifts.
  • Ability to properly lift and carry equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds.

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent, plus six (6) years of direct experience in the electric utility field as a Distribution Lineworker, two (2) years of which were at a Journey Level.

Licenses and Certifications Required:


  • Valid Texas Class A Commercial Driver License or ability to acquire license and/or endorsements within ninety (90) days of employment.
  • Ability to produce and maintain an acceptable driving record.
  • To be considered for employment in this position applicants must comply with Department of Transportation Federal Regulations and the City of Austin Drug Policy.



Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with construction, maintenance, switching and/or troubleshooting on a distribution electric system
  • Experience with the hazards associated with working on energized lines and equipment at distribution primary voltages (7200V – 12,500V)
  • Experience climbing electric utility wood poles up to 100 feet, while utilizing fall restraint equipment and devices
  • Experience with construction of all types of distribution electric transformer installations serving single and three phase loads
  • Currently working, or have worked as a Journey-Level Lineworker at a distribution electric utility and/or a distribution electric utility contractor within the last two (2) years


Distribution Electrician Troubleshooter will work under minimal supervision and with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment. Responds to system disturbances and power quality issues on Austin Energy’s (AE) overhead and underground electrical distribution system. This position is responsible for communicating detailed information to internal and external customers.

Acts as a first responder and leads incident and/or system disturbance investigations for electrical hazards on the electrical distribution system and may provide a statement or testimony as electrical Subject Mater Expert (SME) for work performed to AE Leadership, AE Safety, Austin Police Department (APD), Austin Fire Department (AFD), and City of Austin Law Department. Makes scenes safe where electrical hazards are present, including de-energizing hazardous electrical lines and equipment, barricading, and communicating safety issues to APD, AFD, EMS, the public, site personnel and other City of Austin departments.

The Distribution Electrician Troubleshooter may provide leadership to field personnel including work assignments, evaluations, training, and guidance. This position is required to work the following rotating shifts with scheduled days off in-between: 5am-5pm, 5pm-5am, and 6:30am-3pm.

The ideal candidate may be classified as a, Journeyman Lineman, Class A Lineman, and/or Journey Level Lineworker.

Employment Application:

  • The City of Austin employment application is an official document; incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Please be sure to detail on the application all current and previous employment that you wish to be considered as part of your qualifications.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The City of Austin determines pay by the relevant work experience included in your application. Your employment history should be complete with job titles, employment dates, job duties, functions, and responsibilities for each position held. Starting salary will be based on overall relevant experience from your application.
  • Résumés will not be accepted and statements such as “see résumé” will not be accepted. You may use “N/A” for fields that are not applicable.
  • Please note that Austin Energy may close the job posting at any time after 7 days from the date of the initial advertisement. Once the job posting has closed, applications cannot be changed.

If you are selected as a top candidate:

  • Verification of your education (which may include high school graduation or GED, undergraduate and/or graduate degrees) will be required. You must provide proof of education from an accredited organization/institution.
  • If you are identified as a top candidate and are in the military or a veteran, you will need to provide a copy of your DD-214 prior to confirming a start date.
  • This position requires a criminal background investigation.

Commercial Driver License:

This position requires a valid Texas Class A Commercial Driver License or the ability to acquire one within 90 days of employment. External New Hires must meet the City of Austin’s Driver Record Evaluation (DRE) requisite. To be considered for a driving position, applicants cannot have more than three moving violations or a total of six Driver Record Evaluation points within a period of thirty-six (36) months.

Job offer may be contingent on passing a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening test and thereafter, comply with Department of Transportation, Federal Regulations and the Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing rules as outlined by the City of Austin Drug and Alcohol Policy for Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles.

The position requires adherence to all DOT regulations and City of Austin Personnel Policies.

Work Schedule:

  • This position is categorized as Essential Personnel with the City of Austin. Essential staff are required to work during emergencies or bad weather if they are scheduled to work and, in some cases, when they are not scheduled. Essential employees ensure the continuance of key operations for the City of Austin.
  • Work hours may include after hours, holidays, and weekends.
  • Shifts may change according to departmental needs.
  • Employee may be required to work additional hours outside of regular work schedule.

Work Location  & Schedule :

  • 4411 Meinardus Dr. , Austin, Tx, 78744 & 2412 Kramer Ln., Austin, TX, 78758
  • Rotating Shifts: 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. and 6:30am – 3:00 p.m.
  • This position is classified as essential. Please see Work Schedule section below regarding essential personnel.

Fair Labor Standards Act:

This position is classified as NON-EXEMPT.

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