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ShotGun Loop

ShotGun Loop

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The Nor'Eastah stick is made for every day Lineman/ tradesman, to protect and secure your hot stick, while aloft in an aerial lift or storing for future use. The Nor'Eastah stick uses a single bucket hook attachment point to use aloft.  The stick is made of non conductive schedule 40 PVC pipe and has a rubberized coating for wear in the right spots, and  The sleek design keeps the stick protected and out of the way while not in use, but in reach and and readily available when needed. The design also keeps your hot stick below the lip of the bucket cover, so it never needs moving for day to day use, no more getting your stick caught up on trees, or bouncing out of bags outside of the bucket or hung up with other tools. The Nor'Eastah stick is made proudly by a IBEW Local 104 hand.


Comes with 3" hook

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