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Rope Rack

Rope Rack

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At Journeyman Gear we use real world experience building powerlines to identify the need for new tools to make our jobs easier and safer. 

The Rope-Rack does just that!

This tool was designed to mount into any 2" receiver hitch and provide a new safer option for pulling in ropes for a wire pull. These are welded together using the same heavy duty steel as the kelly bars are made of that we all know. Using this thick steel will definitely make this tool strong enough to drag over rocks, back over stumps and take the daily abuse while being used to drag ropes through even the roughest right of ways. Each of the 4 welded on hooks are rated for 2T WLL and they have a very strong safety gate to prevent our ropes from sliding out. We have all seen how many ways there are to tie ropes to the back of a truck or UTV and we have all seen one pop off inadvertently as well. This tool definitely mitigates the real hazard of accidentally losing a rope when pulling them in and having one slack back over road crossings or hot phases. 


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