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Rocket Socket

Rocket Socket

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Its patent pending RockSocket #RS71 which is the 1st and only tool of its kind designed to safely install rock anchors and Its welded out of thick strong steel. 

 If you have ever had the pleasure of building powerlines on top of solid rock terrain then you already know what installing and tightening a rock anchor entails. 


Until now the only method was to stick a cheater pipe or rock bar into the head of the anchor and walk circles around the anchor while your pole buddy has to walk behind you as he swings a sledge hammer hitting the head of the moving anchor until it gets tight. This operation is usually taking place in very rough terrain or down in a hole with endless opportunities for slips and falls, especially if your the one tugging on a cheater pipe as hard as you can while walking circles. This is when you usually pull muscles you didnt even know you had as well. 

This process will also bend your anchor rod over and create many opportunities for busted lips from losing your grip on the pipe or getting your hand smacked by a sledge hammer accidentally. I've personally had both of those happen. 


With the RockSocket,  

You simply slide the socket over the anchor head, install the safety pin and start tightening the anchor. It can be used by 1 or 2 men at a time and provides a very smooth and controlled method of installation. The safety pin is incorporated only to prevent the tool from slipping off the anchor head and causing injury to the operator. As you can see the RockSocket allows you to torque down the anchor without bending the rod and has a 1/2" thick steel strike plate on top. Until now there was no method available for 2 men to apply torque to an anchor at the same time, and after several months of field testing I can personally tell you it's much more ergonomic for a 2 man team to tighten one down. We were able to get our anchors very tight with what felt like half the strain on our bodies and we never had to change positions to accomplish this. 


The RockSocket mitigates several different hazards that have always been present for such a common task in our industry while making each jobsite a little safer. 


The RockSocket, #RS71

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