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Pole Buddy

Pole Buddy

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The first interchangeable bucket and pole mounted tool organizer. Made out of high strength UV inhibited Nylon. This product will effortlessly hold all your tools and material needed for transformer outages, secondary reconductors, service changeouts, and much more. Weighing less than 1 pound, the versatility of the Pole Buddy is unmatched. Included lag screws make anywhere on the pole a good spot for this product. Screwdrivers and existing hardware on the pole are also excellent candidates for mounting. 

Chainsaws, grunt bags, battery tools, hardware, handline, and small tools will all fit on the Pole Buddy together. With a working load rating of 60 pounds and a safety factor of 13:1, this clearly isn’t your average pole buddy. When it comes to climbers, this unit will organize the entire work zone.

Proudly manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, the Pole Buddy is the first of its kind. No longer do you have to struggle to find a spot on the pole to hang your grunt bags, battery tools, hand tools, and even your handline. The versatility of the Pole Buddy is unmatched. With an unprecedented number of mounting options, you’re sure to find the perfect spot on each pole. Whether you use screwdrivers, existing bolts, hardware, or the provided lag screws, the Pole Buddy is here to fit your needs. With a safe working load at 60 pounds and a safety factor of 13:1, this clearly isn’t your average pole buddy. 

At less than 1 pound, it fits comfortably in your canvas bolt bag and does not add unnecessary weight on your ascent up the pole. Vigorous rare-earth magnets are strategically placed to hold nuts, washers, and even hand tools. These magnets are triple coated Nickel-Copper-Nickel for maximum corrosion protection. Just below the magnets is the ideal spot for screw drivers, skinning knifes, handline, and many other tools and hardware. This allows for quick access rather than reaching around your belt each time you use a repetitive tool.

Though this product is designed to assist in climbing circumstances, it is conveniently crafted to be used in the bucket truck as well. The compact scale of this unit will not interfere with bucket work. Inside or out, the Pole Buddy will serve as a great portable extension to your existing bucket hooks and bucket tool holders. 

Not climbing a pole? The Pole Buddy has provided a seamless transition. Any two bucket hooks allow for this product to work flawlessly inside the bucket truck alongside your tool board. Rare-earth magnets will hold all your hardware including nuts, washers, bolts, and more. 

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