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Pad Mount Transformer Lifting Eyes

Pad Mount Transformer Lifting Eyes

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   If you have ever been involved in loading and setting pad mount transformers then you already know how hairy it can get if you are just using the factory supplied bolts to lift with. When using those factory bolts, the only thing keeping your lifting slings into place is the 1/4" thick inside edge of the bolt head. Even if your using a smooth operating digger truck or a crane to set your pots with, there is still plenty of opportunities for your sling to slide out of position when making final adjustments to square up your pad and causing a major crushing hazard let alone very likely damage to an expensive transformer. If you have ever had to use a skidsteer or mini excavator to set those hard to reach pots there is even more opportunities to slip a sling off those bolts.  


  At Journeyman Gear we love to identify the needs for new tooling and mitigate hazards for all of us in the field. By using these new Lifting Eyes to rig to, you can totally remove these dangerous conditions. 


Each one has a WLL of 5200lbs and these are sold in pairs. These are compatible with all styles and brands of pad mount transformers including the preformed fibercrete pads that are used to support these pots. 


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