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The new P-HOLSTER series by Journeyman Gear.  

We have teamed up with Selby Knives and set out to make the best lineman plier holsters on earth that will securely hold our pliers through every job, and we are proud of our results.  
 Each P-Holster is fully manufactured right here in the USA using the most advanced technology , hardware, and materials available. 
To ensure a proper fitment for the multiple different models of Kleins, both new and well worn, we integrated an allen keyed adjustable friction mechanism that allows you to dial in this holster perfectly to your liking. 
Each holster comes with an allen wrench included.
We went with a very durable Tek Lok belt clip on these that will securely attach to your belts, tool bags, and harnesses. With the adjustable friction feature and these belt clips combined, the P-HOLSTER is the most secure option on the market for keeping our pliers on hand whether you are jumping fences, pushing wire, climbing poles and even scouting damage through even the roughest right of ways. 
These are available in either black or Hi-Viz orange and are 100% made in the USA! 
We will be releasing P-HOLSTER's for many other brands of pliers as well. 
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