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Linewife Lineman Sunshade

Linewife Lineman Sunshade

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3 different sizes Easily folds into bag Can do custom THE WINDSHIELD SUN SHADE THAT KEEPS A PRISTINE INTERIOR & A COOLER VEHICLE! Are you Jeopardizing The Quality Of Your Interior? Ever Opened Your Door To A Blast Of Hot Air In Your Face? We Have Good News, Our Sun Shades Will Help With This! Your search for the best sun shade has just ended! - Increase your comfort while travelling in the sun, it will reduce some of the heat, at least this is what the majority of our customers say! - UV rays damage your interior, our sun shades stop this, no more fading, cracking, just all around solid protection! - Our sun shades are more convenient then the bulky accordion style ones, it folds up small and is lightweight! Our shades are silver coated that act like a radiant barrier system, which protects your vehicle from 99% of UV damage, and reflects sun 95%. This helps with reducing some heat, and keeps your interior looking new, huge plus! - Be easy & convenient to use! Easily accessible and portable, our sunshades fold down 1/10 of size! - Be of the highest quality material, nylon silver coated, strength and durability you can depend on!

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