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Hot Arm Liner

Hot Arm Liner

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Conductor Support Arm Liner

 for Composite cross arms

(Hot Arm Liner) HAL-01


  • The HAL-01 is a device used on conductor support arms to protect composite cross arms from being damaged by their clamping saddle.
  • Eliminates the need to permanently modify your existing hot arms, allowing you to remove this liner very quickly and easily so you can still use your standard hot arms for wooden cross arms.
  • The seat is lined with rubber to prevent the saddle dimples from damaging the bottom of the composite arm and the sides prevent the clamping screws from causing damage as well.
  • Comes with one aluminum liner assembly and one standard 10” mini bungee cord (to hold to your hot arm temporarily).
  • Fits leading brands of hot arms.
  • Made in the USA In PA
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