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Boomerhang Bucket Organizer

Boomerhang Bucket Organizer

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It is the first tool of it's kind that is designed to mount on the exterior of a bucket that provides a fail safe option for hanging expensive tools and equipment. Up until now the only two popular options for hanging gear on the outside of the bucket was either on a plastic bucket hook or on the makeshift wrap around rope rig that more and more companies are banning due to accidents, broken tools and injuries from tools falling off onto the crewmen below. We can now hang our tools with confidence while providing a higher level of drop zone protection on every job site. As expensive as lineman tools are these days its very easy to end up having several thousand dollars worth of tools hanging off our buckets on every pole. Especially if we had to make room for a 2nd man to fly with us in the same bucket. For example, We both know just a squeeze tool alone can cost 2k-5k$, which makes the BoomerHang well worth utilizing in itself. During our field testing of this tool it was remarkable to see first hand just how much room can be freed up just by hanging all our tools together and out of the way until needed, especially for the men working out of a single bucket where space is very limited to begin with. 

The BoomerHang is milled out of Extremely strong material and has 3 integrated snap on vertical braces that provide incredible support when loaded down with all the different tools that linemen require to perform our daily tasks, including hoists, cordless tools

, dog bone sockets, Lowell wrenches, hammers, handles, chainsaws, shotgun sticks and grounds, along with everything else that has a carabiner or hook, taking back the positive control of the drop zone. 

 We designed the larger oval holes in the BoomerHang to provide enough room to slide around and sort through your tools easier even with gloves and sleeves on. Also, as a side effect of hanging gear on the BoomerHang vs regular bucket hooks, your tools will swing away from the edge of your bucket providing an easier grip on whatever tool your reaching for.

 Next we gave it the maximum thickness of material between the holes and the outer edges of the tool to help prevent damage from pushing it against poles, trees or pole mounted equipment while operating the bucket. 

  Once the BoomerHang is mounted on the bucket using 2 standard bucket hooks, it requires some effort to remove. We designed the tool to basically snap into position on the corners of a bucket so it could not be easily knocked off both during use and while truck is traveling down the road. 

   The BoomerHang is our 2nd tool that provides a brand new option for tool organization following the CornerPocket, and I did not want linemen to have to choose just one or the other, So we engineered the BoomerHang to work perfectly back to back with the CornerPocket on the same 2 hooks. Let me tell you, when both of these tools are mounted together on a bucket it is the ultimate tool hanging system, the perfect team. 

  As with the CornerPocket, this tool is also easily broken down to lay flat, enabling it to be easily packed and stored. 

At Journeyman Gear We seen great value in providing an affordable option to mitigate the hazards and liability of hanging gear on the outside of the bucket, whether its on a single plastic hook or on the makeshift rope rig most lineman love to hang everything off of. The BoomerHang grants companies the opportunity to rule out the old ways of hanging tools with a new solution to replace it in hand. Lets replace those old dry rotting ropes with a tool you can depend on and take another step towards zero accidents together. 


The BoomerHang

Item #BH549 

Weight limit 55lbs 

Patent Pending

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