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casey Greico

Why does daddy do storm work> Childrens book

Why does daddy do storm work> Childrens book

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This book follows a little boy named Noah who is sad that his dad has to leave on storm work. Noah’s dad is either a lineman or a line clearance tree trimmer. Both professions are explained by Noah's mother including what they do and why. This book is a perfect fit for a child who is struggling to understand why their dad has to leave during a storm, by walking them through some things we use power for each day. In the book Noah's mom explains to him just how important his dad's job is. At the end of this book our once sad Noah realizes his daddy is a hero to so many and is now less sad when he has to leave.

I wrote this book for my children and my husband. He is a line clearance tree trimmer, and storm work is always tough for our kids. I was hoping for a way to be able to sit them down and explain why it is so important that their dad does storm work. At first I was going to keep this story just for us, but after talking to some other parents of lineman and line clearance workers, I decided to take a leap and publish it. I hope some other families out there can benefit from this story as well.


25 pages. paperback

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