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Lineman Coin Necklace

Lineman Coin Necklace

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4 color options

3 chain lengths

3/8" charm

We hand craft our jewelry out of solid sterling silver, copper, and 14k yellow and rose gold-filled metals that are sourced right here in the USofA



What is 14k gold filled?


You'd think it would be filled with gold, but it's not. It's actually the opposite ... it is multiple layers of solid 14k gold, pressure bonded to the outside of high quality jeweler's brass. To legally carry the name 'gold filled', it must be at minimum 5% solid gold. That may not seem like a lot, but it is often more than 100 times the amount of gold found in gold plated jewelry! It won't flake or peel, and is tarnish resistant ... it really wears like solid gold!
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